Wellbeing Weeks

Wellbeing Week
Joy & Relaxation
Welcome to this wellbeing week where we will work intensively to remove any stress, blockages, negative thoughts and patterns and body toxins through kundalini yoga, meditations, practice of presence and sharing circles. Coming back to our natural state of joy and relaxation.


In a society so attached to time, responsibilities, expectations we often get out of our center, and to much in our minds. Therefore our wellbeing weeks for joy and relaxation are designed for re-centering through Kundalini yoga, meditations, practice of presence in all situations and sharing circles.

As an extra, each participant gets a reflexology workshop during this wellbeing week.

Kundalini Yoga

The very nature of Kundalini yoga is to awaken the energy of consciousness. K.Yoga works with kriyas (exercises series) with certain goals or benefits, consistent exercise with asanas (postures), mudras (hand postures), pranayama (breathing), chanting, meditations and sequences of repetitive movement.

Before engaging, participants will make a brief description of their needs at the present moment. Example: Improve quality of sleep, reduce stress or anxiety, detox, work in a particular chakra, etc. 

We will be doing different kinds of meditations both passive and active. The meditations we will be using during the week will be according to the needs of the participants. 

Practice of presence in all situations
As we practice we realize that everything can be a meditation. The more we can stay connected with the present moment the more we expand our consciousness. Challenges are a great material to understand what is still pulling us to follow the mind, what is still a block that need to be cleared.

Sharing circles
Sharing circles function as a communication space, where each expresses / questions their needs to the group at an holistic level. It is an opportunity to share in a safe environment our experiences, emotions and needs, and to get feedback from the group.

Final cerimony
To close our week we will make a thankfull cerimony, where we will celebrate our achivements and connections during this week.

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Be very welcome!