Kundalini Yoga Retreats

 Liberation and Celebration

This Kundalini Yoga retreat includes:

Kriyas – Meditations – Mantras – Detox – Deep Relaxation – Conscious Parenting 

Do you feel that your being could be liberated from some patterns, irritations, fears and other aspects that prevent your potential to come forward and your relations to be fully and harmonious? Does your body ask you to be more Vital? Would you like to live more from the heart and less from the head? If yes, this Retreat is for you!

This is an opportunity to come to nature going away from the daily routine, breath tranquility and above all, through Kundalini Yoga techniques, as thought by Yogi Bhajan, deeply liberate and then celebrate with Moabi.

Although this retreat was specially designed for parents (couples or singles), others can perfectly enjoy the retreat too.

As parents we have constant joys and gratitudes for little things in life, like a happy smile of our kids and  we are also constantly challenged to deal with our  patters, irritations, fears and other shadow aspects. Our kids are masters to confront us. They are very good mirrors to show us what we still need to work on.

So how Kundalini yoga relates to conscious parenting? Kundalini yoga is a perfect tool to clear that shadow aspects and a perfect tool for deep relaxation, so may times needed by the parents. There are also many practices, some we will do in this retreat, that are powerful for all the family, fun and create a very good atmosphere and vibe.

Kundalini Yoga is very effective for families because can go from really simple to complex, from as short as 3 minutes to as long as we wish practices.

As human beings we all have an amazing potential and we all come with a mission to fulfill. Our mind patterns and subconscious garbage many times gets in the way and we need to clean that in order to allow our light
to shine.

As we clean our internal house and our potentials come forward we are able to be more conscious parents and pass this to our children and all the people around us.

In order to be vibrant, healthy, relaxed, joyful and with a clear focused mind we need to clean our house, our internal house. We need to eat healthy foods that nourishes and clears toxins, we need to exercise and clean physical and energetic bodies and we need to give directions to our mind, otherwise it will be giving directions to us.

Since a young age I am interested in spirituality and have been trying different techniques that allow us to clean our internal house. In my journey Kundalini yoga is one of the most powerful and effective techniques. K. yoga was tested by many sages and yoguis of the past and is helping thousands of people. I guess the important thing is to discover techniques that resonates with you and then stick to it in order to get deeper and amazing results.

The power of Kundalini Yoga

Kundalini yoga is a technology thousands of years old that helps to align with our authentic self. It works to realign all of the systems in the body in order to function at optimal levels so that an abundant amount of energy can flow through us.

All yoga works to unlock vital energy at the base of the spine which gives heightened consciousness and healing. However kundalini yoga does it at an expedited pace, such that miraculous transformation can happen in a short amount of time.

This deeply transformative practice allows one to merge with and relate to the infinite aspect of yourself and universal consciousness. Everyone will have a unique experience when practicing kundalini yoga.

The practice works to restore harmony to and strengthen all of the major systems of the body, particularly the glandular system and nervous system. The tradition includes meditations which work to increase the electromagnetic frequency of the brain, helping to rewire subconscious beliefs and bring deep trauma to the surface of your consciousness for release and healing.

It is a practice suitable for everybody, with a variety of different meditations and kriyas that can accommodate and serve people of any age, level of health, or circumstance.

Practicing kundalini yoga quickly develops your intuition by activating the pineal gland and pituitary gland, also known as the third eye point, which works to balance the entire glandular system and bring you back into balance and harmony with the flow of the universe. A new level of ease can be experienced when the intuition is activated and trusted.



8.00/9.30 – Kundalini yoga kriya: includes pranayama (breating exercises), yoga set, deep relaxation and meditation
10.00 – Breakfast
11.00 – Deepening techniques of the retreat practices and sharing on conscious parenting
13.00 – Lunch

16.00/18.00 – Kundalini yoga kriya: includes warm up, yoga set, deep relaxation and long meditation

19.30 – Dinner
– First night – Getting to know each other
– Second night – Special meditation: Celestial communication
– Last night – Music to dance and celebrate our conquers and connections

Kids are welcome to the retreat with more than 5 years. They will have guides when the parents are doing the practices. They are welcome in the evening activities.

We are preparing our retreat space here at Tribodar. We will start in 2019.
The rest of the info will be given closer to the event.

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Love, light, conscious and peace

Sat Nam
Moabi (Indra Atma Kaur)

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