4th Janeiro 2018

Juntem-se a nós – Join us

Unschooling Center

Welcome to Tribodar, a non profit organization, run by volunteers who love to learn in freedom and to be free. Since 2010 we are taking steps towards a more free and sustainable lifestyle at all levels. Since 2016 we are diving deeper into the fresh waters of Unschooling and we invite you to dive in with us.

The pillars
Freedom of choice
Children are curious beings. We all are, by Nature, curious beings. That curiosity takes us into learning. At Tribodar we support and guide each other with the available skills, tools and possibilities to dive safely and deeply into our own learning choices.

Parent guidance and Cooperative connections
When children are not going to school (and even when they do, but especially when they dont) they rely on the support and guidance of their parents when they need it and ask for it. In order for the guidance and support to come from a place of love, and not one of fear, there needs to be a foundation of  cooperative connections and relationships, build on trust, love, compassion, joy. It is the responsibility of each family to work towards this important learning and connecting pillar. We are here to support each other in this process.

Divided Parent Support and Cooperative connections
Tribodar is a cooperation project, we are here to help and celebrate with one another. Families connecting within the fields of cooperation, trust, love, compassion, joy, focusing on common interests and goals is a basic foundation. In practice as soon as we get to know each other and have a comfortable level of trust we will make agreements on how to support each other so that we all can deepen our interests and at the same time have time alone.

Respect each other’s  ideas, interests, values, timings, feelings, speaking in a way the other person feels comfortable with.

Knowledge Sharing
Sharing, when we feel like it, our knowledge/interests/passions with each other in talks, workshops, projects, documentaries, visits… We organize some of this activities on a big visible bord at Tribodar.

Creating together
Since its beginning, Tribodar is runned by volunteers and on a reduced budget. We have been recycling, upcycling and using a lot of natural materials too. Everybody who passes has been leaving his mark according to his own interests, in combination with the needs of the project. In turn, Tribodar provided many with life changing experiences. We have been following the basics of Permaculture: Taking care of Nature, Taking care of People, Sharing the fruits with creation of a Food Forest, sharings of many workshops and even realizing a small festival. So we have been working in the fields of the visible as structures and the invisible in the field of expansion of consciousness.

On the visible side of the project we have as infrastructure:

  • Communal house and small library
  • Communal kitchen with all needed tools and big selfmade table
  • Creative entrance
  • The mosaic communal shower
  • The round multi-use house
  • Food forest Garden
  • Compost toilet
  • Wood oven
  • Workshop with building tools
  • Storage room with lots of materials
  • Small swap shop

We will keep on working together on the visible and on the invisible 😉

At the moment the volunteers/participants coming are families and individuals (majority youth) who come to learn/unlearn/help/enjoy within this both visible and invisible realms of Unschooling and Sustainable lifestyle. Together we improve the outer and inner processes with the available tools.


Support each other needs
Listening and according to everybody possibilities and feelings supporting other people’s needs and goals.

“0” point
The “0” point means things coming back to their places after being used and the space being cleaned. This is a very important basic pillar foundation so we can live easily and peacefully with each other for a short or long period of time.

Energy Exchange
Temporary participants
– Families that come to participate at Tribodar:
Until one month – 10e. daily contribution plus own food
Until two month and every time coming back – 5e. daily contribution plus own food
Families decide if they want to work and in what they want to help to improve the project 🙂

Dedicated participants
– After the two month as temporary families can decide if want to become dedicated participants witch means:

  • Spending 2 month at Tribodar in the year
  • Helping Tribodar while being here with the needs of the project (around 2h day)
  • Help to promote Tribodar and events
  • Only paying own food and expenses (gas/electricity/internet)
  • Can build own house 
  • Can leave some things here if traveling

Cooperating Neighbors
People who enjoy the project and this Alentejo, center Portugal fields and want to buy some land nearby and cooperate together within the pillars of shared Parent Support and knowledge sharing.

  • At this moment we have the first family neighbors (15 minutes walk) and we are having some time in the week sharing time and activities of voice expression and singing and painting together or anything that intuitively comes
  • The father of Manu who is developing a project 6 km away and is an active supporter/participant of Tribodar.

Hopefully soon will be many more families joining us, are you one of them? 🙂

Sending an email to tribodarviva@gmail.com and tell us a bit about you and your family, your interests/needs at the moment and what pulls you to Tribodar.

Be very very Welcome! Together we are more 😉