Our Story

Tribodar | alternative learning space for children and adults

Tribodar | Holistic Learning Center

Tribodar is an association born in 2010 out of a dream to create an environment which facilitates learning, sharing, healing and connection for people of all ages. Holistic and sustainable living is at the core of Tribodar. Since the beginning of the project we have received many people from all corners of the world to participate in our events and to volunteer and learn at the same time as helping to improve the project.

We have been going deeper in the fields of permaculture putting the hands on to grow a food forest garden; well being through Kundalini Yoga, healthy diet and cooperative communication and finally conscious parenting and learning for families and children. 

Who lives in Tribodar…


Gennaro Cardone, born in 1982, is an architect and permaculturist specialized in reciprocal roof and soil regeneration. He is dedicated, perfectionist, and gives great importance to the aesthetic. The work functions as a meditation to Gennaro, who in eco- construction and land work finds peace of mind.

Moabi, born in 1980, is a kundalini yoga teacher, dance lover, reflexologist, mother of Manu Inca, lover of life and a practitioner of a conscious lifestyle, with special focus on practicing and sharing k.yoga and conscious  lifestyle. In 2010 co-founded Tribodar with an aim of developing a sustainable and holistic learning center.

Manu Inca, born in 2010, is very curious. He is enjoying discovering the world and asking a lot of questions about many things. Mostly, he is interested in learning about human body, animals and space ships. He loves playing with water and listening to stories. He is able to speak English and loves it 🙂

Where are we…

Tribodar is located in an area of ​​about one hectare, about three kilometers from Nisa, district of Portalegre in Alto Alentejo.

What is the weather like here…
The temperature in winter varies between 5 and 15 degrees. Summers are hot, with temperatures that can reach 40 degrees. Spring and Autumn mild.

 Nisa characteristics
– Tranquility of contryside
– Cheapest land and houses in Europe
– Very good local products (honey, cheese, olive oil) .
– Very near Folk Festival“Andanças” that takes place every year by the Dam Póvoa e Meadas
– 2 km from Tribodar 🙂 (5 min by car, 40 min on foot)

Nisa is a friendly village with a good library, movie theatre, two small museums, market, three supermarkets, playground, swimming pool, health center…

There are two dams near Nisa that are great for swimming in the summer. Dam Pojo is 5 km distance and dam Póvoa is 11km distance, and you can also find a beautiful waterfall on 20 km distance from Tribodar.

 Be welcome!