Learning in Freedom


Learning in freedom and to be free

A project for homeschoolers/ unschoolers, parents, eco-families partners, and eco-neighbours. Families that are curious for this kind of lifestyle and learning freely in Nature are welcome too.

Taking care of people, taking care of mother earth.

At the core we are curious beings that want to learn and express our individual potential.
At the core we are spiritual beings having a human experience.
At the core we are social beings that need each other to learn and grow.
At the core we are beings of nature serving and being served by Nature.

Tribodar is here to serve this needs…

You are welcome to join us for short or long time, or even for a lifetime! 🙂

What we believe in:

Self Initiated Learning
Children choosing freely where to engage. Adults are there for support.
Knowledge availability
Adults sharing their passions and knowledge through workshops/activities they propose for children and other adults. Adults bringing children to their places of learning interest such as museums, libraries, nature, experts, theater, projects…
Needed support and Guidance
Family and other supporters giving time to guide and assist children in what they need
Spaces for learning
Different spaces that provide conditions and tools that allow learning different kind of activities.
Needs being meet
One basic tool for action is listening everybody needs and help each other to meet them
Peaceful Environment
A peaceful atmosphere where we all aim to help each other on our journeys and processes
Cooperative Communication
Cooperative communication as a foundation to communicate peacefully and sharing about personal and group needs. For this we use the tools brought by Marshal Rosenberg. You can also see: non violent communication.
Humans are holistic beings with certain intellectual, emotional, physical and spiritual characteristics and needs. It is necessary to provide time and space to meet all these needs.
Learning related to what makes sense to learn at the present moment by necessity, curiosity or personal interest.
Nature Connection
As human beings we are also Nature. Re-find this link and respect for Mother Earth. Learning in nature and helping the ecosystem to recover.
Parents as an example 
Example is a very strong way of teaching both practically and energetically. By working on ourselves we are passing that to our children too.
Shared Tasks
Everybody helping in the needed communal living daily needs.





Families that come to enjoy learning in freedom and to be free here in the countryside of Portugal, with different supporting spaces and people. If desteniy is bringing you at tribodar defemitly we will have something to share/enjoy/learn together! 😉

Eco-Partner Families
Families that want to stay for at least 2 month a year (can be spread in weeks) or would like to live all the time at Tribodar in your own campervan, renting one of our spaces or even build a Tiny house for free. This decision will be made by both parts with a minimal stay of a month at Tribodar and we all feel we want to cooperate longer and deeper together.

You by some land near Tribodar
We will connect organically 🙂

In case of interest here some activities we can share
Permaculture basics -Building with wood basics –  Kundalini Yoga & Meditation – Voice expression – Poi – Story&Feelings – Felt – Didgeridoo basics – Dream catcher – Cooperative Communication – Conscious Parent  – Belly Dance -Dance Expression

General Conditions
Large communal kitchen with all necessary utensils, a dry toilet and a traditional bathroom, shower and washing machine. You can sleep in our caravans, a communal house or in your tent or camper.

Spaces at Tribodar
– Communal kitchen with all needed tools and a good study space with a large table (outside the eating hours).
– Creative entrance and games
– A space where there are various activities such as experiences, various games, painting, etc…
– Communal house with two dormitories and small library
– A communal house with two dormitories and salamander in the room that is also small library where visiting families can stay or when we have events.
– Circular multi-use space and central fire shelter – a space dedicated to all kinds of learning and play, yoga, meditation, gymnastics and sometimes jam sessions around the fire for kids and adults
– Food Forest – We are creating a food forest with permaculture and agro-forest techniques with vegetable beds that can be used by the families that join the project to grow their food
– Mini children park – With swings, slide, play house
– Water zone
– In the summer we put a tent with a bathtub and a small swimming pool to refresh.

Price & Contributions
Depending on your needs and your working help for the project we will come to a conclusion of the price that supports you and you support the project.

Your financial contribution for the project and workshops will go to invest on developing the spaces at Tribodar.

Who lives in Tribodar and works at the project permanently at the moment?

Born in 1980.  Moabi is a kundalini yoga teacher, lover of dance and creativity, mother of Manu Inca, passionate about life in nature and a practitioner of a conscious lifestyle. Moabi loves helping others in the process of personal awareness and transformation to fully fulfill ones dreams and potentials. In 2010, Moabi co-founded Tribodar with the goal of developing a sustainable and holistic learning center.

Born in 1982. He is an architect, specialized in eco-construction, and passionate about permaculture and agroforestry. He is dedicated, perfectionist, reserved and loves to do things well done. The work functions as a meditation for Gennaro, who finds in eco-construction and on earth his peace of mind.

Manu Inca
Born in 2010. He is a very curious little boy. Manu is discovering the world and asks many questions about many things. Primarily, he is interested in learning about the human body, animals and spaceships. He is now in the process of learning to read and write. In addition, he loves the element water and listen to stories. Manu speaks English and loves

Be very welcome! Together we are more and we can create a beautiful and great Tribodesc family 😉