Homeschooling & Community


Hello homeschooling & unschooled families! … Or any other curious families about learning outside of school 🙂

In this page we share what we believe according to education and the community that is forming in the neighborhood of homeschooling/unschooled families from witch you can also make part of.


Self Initiated Learning
Children choosing freely where to engage. Adults are there for support.
Knowledge availability
Adults sharing their passions and knowledge through workshops/activities they propose for children and other adults. Adults bringing children to their places of learning interest such as museums, libraries, nature, experts, theater, projects…
Needed support and Guidance
Family and other supporters giving time to guide and assist children in what they need
Spaces for learning
Different spaces that provide conditions and tools that allow learning different kind of activities.
Needs being meet
One basic tool for action is listening everybody needs and help each other to meet them
Peaceful Environment
A peaceful atmosphere where we all aim to help each other on our journeys and processes
Cooperative Communication
Cooperative communication as a foundation to communicate peacefully and sharing about personal and group needs. For this we use the tools brought by Marshal Rosenberg. You can also see: non violent communication.
Humans are holistic beings with certain intellectual, emotional, physical and spiritual characteristics and needs. It is necessary to provide time and space to meet all these needs.
Learning related to what makes sense to learn at the present moment by necessity, curiosity or personal interest.
Nature Connection
As human beings we are also Nature. Re-find this link and respect for Mother Earth. Learning in nature and helping the ecosystem to recover.
Parents as an example 
Example is a very strong way of teach both practically and energetically. By working on ourselves we are passing that to our children too.
Shared Tasks
Everybody helping in the needed communal living daily needs.

How this works in practice?
Every week we have a gathering so we all share the needs/interests/desires of that week and who wants to help doing what 🙂 like this we make our weekly program.


We are now cooperating with four homeschool families that live in our surroundings (5okm) and we do different activities together such as backing bread, games, going to the library, exploring the forest, watching documentary, going to theater classes… and many other things that appear with the flow of live and needs/ideas that come up. Some weeks, more some weeks less, and others not at all…

We dream that more families come to the neighborhood and together help and learn with each other 😉


You can come and be a temporary neighbor.

You can rent for a friendly price a caravan or our guest house and be our neighbors for some time. We will connect, kids will play, enjoy the spaces and possibilities at Tribodar, do activities and I am really happy to share some kundalini yoga classes or meditations… and at the same time everybody will be flowing in their own activities and home needs. Like this we get to know each other you can feel the space and see if its a good option to come and live in the surroundings.


  • To form the amazing network of like minded people, help each other, the kids to play and we also 😉 …

  • We have already some infrastructure to be used for the families cooperation project such as tipi and round tribal shelter…

  • We are creating a food forest garden, with already many vegetables beds ready to plant that are also to be shared with the neighbor families. Everybody can work for some ours in their organic vegetables beds and have the profit of their work

  • This is a cheap area where you can bay land for an inexpensive price, or a neighbor that allows to have your van/tipi/yourt. Also we help you in this process…

  • We do/receive many different workshops/activities that you can make part of with neighbor discounts

  • Together we are more 😉

Looking foward to meet you!
Moabi, Gennaro, Michael and Manu Inca