Welcome! The families project is bringing together families in homeschooling, unschooling or any families that are curious about learning in freedom, enjoying and engaging in our vision and foundation. Join us for a short period or long term by settling down in the neighborhood of Tribodar and becoming an active part of the Families Project.

Families can join the project either short term by coming to enjoy the freedom, the spaces and if wanted various proposed activities or on long term by settling down in the neighborhood of Tribodar and becoming an active part of the Families Project.

As short term what you will find is a peaceful atmosphere and eco simple environment where families can enjoy to be and explore at own time and rhythm or also to engage in daily activities from the farm and/or workshops for adults&children. You will also find interesting projects going on. We are building an eco house from scratch and dedicated to build a food forest.

If you really enjoy the project and decide to join as long term we will feel together how we want to organize our learning processes according to everybody needs. The families project is FREE OF CHARGE for long term participants.

Types of participants

Sunday Visitants
(last Sunday of the month)
One day participant that come to enjoy a Picnic and
music & dance afternoon at Tribodar

There for you
Picnic with music & dance afternoon in the round house from 11.00 to 18.00.
Depending on who is coming this can mean jam session, Dj, building instruments, body expression, voices improvisations…
We make a small presentation about the families project and food forest

From you
Picnic food and good vibe 🙂
Tell us with maximal advance so we can organize. If there are no participants we may not be here.

Free donation
The donations will go for
improving conditions of the Families Project

Temporary families that come for less then a week

There for you
Different basic learning places and materials to use and explore
(to be increased and improved with time)
– Minimal of one other family to interact
– Nature environment with people working towards sustainability
(building own structures and making a food forest garden)
– Space, time, freedom to enjoy to do what you feel like doing
– Possibility to do different proposed activities 
– Participate in different interesting sustainable projects going on such as food forest garden,
natural building, beautifying… (If accepted by the guide and you feel like joining).
-Hygiene facilities: compost toilet and hot shower
– Internet 

From you
– Respect and engage in the vision and foundation
– Cleaning of the spaces (and cooking lunch) is divided among all
Good vibe

10 euros day
5 euros
(Children until 3 is for free)

Sleeping in the communal house or in caravan
(if you wish you can bring own tent or camper van – 30% discount)
Communal kitchen with all cooking utensils
Ingredients for lunch (some organic vegetables from the garden)
Organized daily activities according to the families needs and interests
Basic hygiene facilities with compost toilet and hot shower

Participants VEGETABLES
From 1 week to months

There for you
Same as mushroom participant

From you
– Welcome new participants
– Two hours help in what’s needed and you enjoy
– Respect and engage in the vision and foundation
– Cleaning the spaces (and cooking if that’s the case) is divided among all
– Good vibe

5 euros day
3 euros
(Children until 3 is for free)

Same as mushroom participate

Families that join the project and establish in the neighborhood

Can decide to be a tree participant when there is mutual strong connection after an ideal minimum period of one month.

There for you
Same as mushroom 

From you
Same as mushroom and vegetable participant
Long term engagement 

Only shared basic expenses.

Each week there will be different activities proposed for children and adults according to needs, interests, passions.

Activities we can share:

Permaculture for children and Adults
Learning to take a care of the soil and plants/trees creating a happy habitat using permaculture principles.
(With Gennaro Cardone)

Kundalini Yoga for adults
The very nature of Kundalini yoga is to awaken the energy of consciousness. K.Yoga works with kriyas (exercises series) with certain goals or benefits, consistent exercise with asanas (postures), mudras (hand postures), pranayama (breathing), chanting, meditations and sequences of repetitive movement.
(With Moabi)

Mantra singing for children and adults
The sacred utterances or chanting of Sanskrit Mantras provide us with the power to attain our goals and lift ourselves from the ordinary to the higher level of consciousness.
(With Moabi)

Different meditations for adults
Meditations have enormous holistic positive effects on us. According to the needs we will be choosing specific kundalini yoga meditations or Anapana meditation to relax and focus the mind.
(With Moabi)

Animal Yoga for children
Yoga means Union. Being present at the present moment. With animal yoga we will use different animal postures and sounds to bring us to this state.
(with Moabi)

Cooperative communication circle (NVC) for children and adults
We will be sharing the tools to communicate and express what is needed within a cooperative communication. It will be a safe space to clear blockages and violent communications patterns.
(With Moabi or Michael)

Conscious Parenting Circle for adults
Conscious Parenting (relational-based) is bringing the focus back to building strong bonds between parents and kids. A secure attachment is built with timely and caring responses to a child’s needs. A safe space to share tools around Conscious Parenting, experiences, doubts, etc
(Everybody that feels like)

Hypnotic-Shamanism for adults
Using progressive relaxation we explore the realm of our subconscious mind and
its connection to the spiritual reality, making use of shamanic and medionic
techniques and the tools of NLP and Hypnosis.
(With Michael)

Magical Fantasy for children
Through the use of the imagination of the children we discover
how magic lives within each of us and how we can connect to invisible worlds.
(With Michael)

Music for children
We make songs and sounds together which we record and elaborate gradually.
(With Michael)

If there are guests or volunteers their activities will be added to the possibilities of learning

Be very welcome! Together we are more!
Vacation: we are closed in August