Families Project

Education – Families project

Welcome! The families project is bringing together families in homeschooling or unschooling that want to cooperate together. Families that live in our neighborhood (we count 5okm 🙂 or temporary neighbors that install in Tribodar for a certain period.

We are


         Moabi 36                       Manu 6                       Gennaro 34                                Michael 40

Join us for a short period or long term by settling down in the neighborhood of Tribodar.

Resident neighbors
We are now cooperating with four homeschool families that live in our surroundings (5okm diameter) and we do different activities together such as backing bread, games, going to the library, exploring the forest, watching documentary, going to theater classes… and many other things that appear with the flow of live and needs/ideas that come up.

Temporary neighbors
This could be your family :).
Renting a caravan or our guest house and be our neighbors for some time. We will connect, kids will play, enjoy the spaces and possibilities at Tribodar, we will connect, do activities when we feel like , I am really happy to share some k.yoga classes or meditations… and at the same time everybody will be flowing in their own activities and home needs.

Renting the spaces
Caravan – 35 euros week
Good for couple and child or one parent and child
House – 70 euros
Two rooms with 4 bank beds all together (so 8 beds).
You can see pictures of all Tribodar spaces here.

Other costs
Gas (30euros bottle)
Electricity (probably 20 euros month, depends how much you use it)
Your own food
In the winter your own wood (to put in wood burners).

Minimal time – one week
Maximal time – If we connect there is no maximal time 😉

Be aware
It is very important to:
-Respect what we call 0 point (things going back to their places after being used, and each family taking that responsibility)
-Communicate anything needed in a friendly way, always trying to see everybody needs
This is crucial so that we can live happily as neighbors and sharing some communal spaces.
– Nisa, the small town near Tribodar is 5 m by car, 10 with bicicle and 40m walking.
– We have Hot summers and coldish but normally sunny winters 

Looking foward to meet you!!! 🙂

Moabi & Familly