Families Project


We are now at the pilot stage of the project
Official inauguration of the FAMILIES PROJECT – 27 September



Welcome! The families project is about bringing together families in homeschooling, unschooling, worldschooling or any families that are curious about learning in freedom, enjoying our vision and foundation. Join us for a short period or long term by settling down in the neighborhood of Tribodar and becoming an active part of the Families Project.


In resume the Vision is:

Self Initiated Learning

Children choosing freely where to engage. Adults are there for support when asked for.
Knowledge availability
Adults sharing their passions and knowledge through workshops/activities they propose for children and other adults. Adults bringing children to their places of learning interest such as museums, libraries, nature, experts, theater, projects…
Needed support and Guidance
Family and other supporters giving time to guide and assist children in what they need
Spaces for learning
Different spaces that provide conditions and tools that allow learning different kind of activities.
Needs being meet
One basic tool for action is listening everybody needs and help each other to meet them
Peaceful Environment
A peaceful atmosphere where we all aim to help each other on our journeys and processes
Cooperative Communication
Cooperative communication as a foundation to communicate peacefully and sharing about personal and group needs. For this we use the tools brought by Marshal Rosenberg. You can also see: non violent communication.
Humans are holistic beings with certain intellectual, emotional, physical and spiritual characteristics and needs. It is necessary to provide time and space to meet all these needs.
Learning related to what makes sense to learn at the present moment by necessity, curiosity or personal interest.
Nature Connection
As human beings we are also Nature. Re-find this link and respect for Mother Earth. Learning in nature and helping the ecosystem to recover.
Parents as an example 
Example is a very strong way of teach both practically and energetically. By working on ourselves we are passing that to our children too.
Shared Tasks
The tasks that are basic to the families project like supporting children, sharing workshops, improving the spaces will be devised by the families with a minimal of 10 hours weekly. Added cooking of lunches and cleaning maintenance.

Unchangeable Foundation
Respect for each individual personal learning
and creative process
Caring and helping each other (if asked)
Cooperative communication
Working on empathy, complicity and cooperation
Steps towards sustainability
Keep spaces clean and organized

The FAMILIES PROJECT is in its very first stage of development.
We are


         Moabi 36                       Manu 6                       Gennaro 34                                Michael 40

We have two donkeys and two cats


Since May 2016, we have been in the pilot stage of the project to check the viability, where we created a facebook group to share ideas about the project and give stronger visibility for families on social media. https://www.facebook.com/groups/tribodar/ Also we keep receiving families in this pilot stage of the project which has being very fun, gratifying and useful to understand how to improve.


We organized two summer family gathering with homeschooled/unschooled families and other similar projects to exchange ideas and activities.

Manu Inca, the only child permanently settled at Tribodar at the moment will be inscribed in homeschooling in September 2017 and that’s when we want to do the official inauguration party of the FAMILY PROJECT. It will happen on Manu Inca birthday: 27 September.

Joining the Families Project

Families can join the project either short term by coming to enjoy the freedom, the spaces and if wanted various proposed activities or on long term by settling down in the neighborhood of Tribodar and becoming an active part of the Families Project.

As short term what you will find is a peaceful atmosphere and eco simple environment where families can simply enjoy to be and explore at own time and rhythm or also to engage in daily activities from the farm and/or workshops for adults&children. You will also find interesting projects going on. We are building a house from scratch and dedicated to build a food forest.

If you really enjoy the project and decide to join as long term we will feel together how we want to organize our learning processes according to everybody needs. The families project is FREE OF CHARGE for long term participants.

Want to participate ? (this is a link)

Be aware
Officially we will be doing homeschooling.


  • The peace and tranquility energy of this place is great, it’s a perfect place to go within and connect with ourselves.
  • The great things in nature around here are: the fresh air, the birds singing all year long, the fields of wild flowers especially in spring time, the smell of the flowers, the amazing skies, the charm of the olive trees.
  • There is a river to swim 40m walk, very nice dam 10km from here, amazing waterfall 30m drive
  • There is a very good Folk Dance festival by this dam that is very family friendly. http://www.andancas.net/2016/pt/


There are two main challenges around here that you should be aware of, especially if your intention is to join us long term and come to live in the surroundings of Tribodar:

  • We are in a dry area of the countryside in central east Portugal, so at this stage it’s needed harder labor work to build on a forest, but in a few years we are really helping on changing the micro-climate and helping changing the landscape. To know more about similar challenge and solutions see the amazing work of Ernest Gotch https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gSPNRu4ZPvE
  • The people from town are friendly but quite old fashioned mentalities. We are really convinced that with more idealistic people moving around here that in about a few years from now this will be an amazing place and town. 

We are here with the mission of taking care of People giving space and time for peoples needs and also caring for Mother earth creating a forest and reestablishing a soil that was abused. So many Human beings are destroying forests and abuse Mother earth, it is time to heal and create Forests too! ;). We are in the interior part of Portugal. 10km from a small river, 6km from a lake, 20km from a waterfall and 174km from the Ocean.


“The Alentejo climate is temperate , with Mediterranean and continental characteristics . Summers are hot and dry, winters wet and cold, registering in the spring and autumn, mild temperatures and moderate temperature range . The average minimum temperature in the coldest months – December and January – is around 6 to 10; the average maximum temperature of the hottest months – July and August – reaches 35 degrees . These average values ​​include, in winter days with temperatures near or slightly below 0º and in warmer summers , the mercury can rise above 40″

What can we help at the beginning of your move?
Find a house in Nisa ( around 150E/200E., with 2 to 4 bedrooms ) and is 2 km approx. the Tribodar
Find land in neigbourhood of Tribodar
We have a van that can help with the move

Land for temporary house
There is a land where families can put their temporary houses (van, tipi, yurt, wooden house …) with the assurance to be able to stay at least one year, thus giving time to connect and feel the family project and the space, having time to find ground in the area. This land is a beautiful olive grove with 3.3 Hectares and walking distance of 15 minutes from Tribodar F. L.

Be very very well welcome! Together we are more ;)