Food forest course


Due to the use of chemicals and monocultures, the soils become degraded and eroded.
It is urgent to take care of the soil and learn to produce our food with natural techniques, not only in the countryside but also in Urban middle, not only for the health of soils but also for our health.

22-23 September (arriving 21 September afternoon)


Food-forest garden techniques in dry land
– Principles
– Harvest of organic materials
– Plant trees
– Create healthy habitat for trees
– Pruning: Theory and practice

Permaculture Design – Landscape
– Principles
– The importance of microorganisms in the soil
– Water retention
– Making a Swale

Composting – Different techniques
– Principles
– Earthworm
– Hot

Preparation of vegetable beds
– Principles
– Preparation of vegetable bed (Enough food in small space – suitable also for urban space)
– Conditions for a fertile soil
– Importance of fungi in soil

Daily Organization
3 hours by morning
2 hours in the afternoon
meditation (optional)

Be very welcome!

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The vision is to reforest this dry land land bringing lots of organic material to create a reach soil integrating also vegetables beds and transforming this landscape into an amazing green forest that can be an example for others to follow. Slowly greening the desert 🙂